Friday, December 28, 2012

17 Weeks

Today I am 17 weeks and the baby is now the size of an onion.

 My baby at 12 weeks. Sucking his thumb, perhaps?

I have been having dreams about the baby (which I usually love, unless it's one of my countless miscarriage nightmares). But when the dreams are good, I don't want to wake up! The latest dream was about seeing my babies feet kicking. In the dream it was a she, and I could see the outline of the foot pressing against my belly. The feet kept getting bigger and bigger throughout the day and the foot was sticking out ridiculously far. Like 4 or 5 inches out from my belly.

And then I suddenly had a kangaroo pouch. I could look in my pouch and see my baby. I took her out for a minute to see her. She was about the size of a 4 lb baby (at 17 weeks) and I thought I'd better put her back and let her grow and get a little cuter. She kept hanging on to me and didn't want to go back in, but eventually I got her back into my kangaroo pouch.

Meanwhile, I was in some kind of princess pageant and I was upset because the Snow White dress they were having me wear was too small. What, they don't have princess maternity wear? Psh.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gina is Enceinte

That's right, I am pregnant! Expecting, with child, knocked up, got a bun in the oven, "gestating." Ha! We found out in October and recently went "Facebook official" with our good news. I am due in June 2013.

Our Christmas Card Announcement

I am 16 weeks and I am already showing quite a bit. There is pretty much no hiding the bump. And remember when I was obsessed with babies? That obsession is back, especially after finding out the gender. Now I can really start to plan, and boy do I love planning. I'm a planner!

These last few months have been very happy ones, I have found myself (despite the crazy hormones) to be quite a happy person lately. But these last months have certainly come with their challenges. The morning sickness wasn't too terrible the first trimester, mostly just nauseated and had the constant need to feed with no appetite. It seems to have gotten worse in the second trimester. I throw up more regularly and have gotten a couple of stomach bugs recently. Not to mention my tooth experience from hades.

I guess my teeth are starting to really fall apart, even though I brush religiously. The little one must be sucking the life out of them. As my dear aunt says, one tooth per child. So, I had to have a root canal. A few months ago the pain started during dinner at Benjas. I kept it under control with Sensodine until we could get it taken care of in my second trimester. Then about 3 weeks ago it came with a vengeance. The pain was unbelievable. I could not take it. I was up all night for a few nights just holding on tight to my blankets and praying for the pain to ease.

I know I will be going through labor in 6 months, but I am just going to say it anyway, I don't think I have ever felt THAT much pain in my entire life. Tylenol didn't even touch it. It radiated through my entire head. I tried everything, vanilla extract, garlic, garlic salt water, orajel, nothing worked. I really don't even know how I got through it (ok, yes I do, my father in heaven, duh). And then finally I got some anti-biotics (a double dose for them to work) and I got some relief. 

And then the magical, wonderful day of the root canal came. I expected to be better. I was looking forward to it. Ha. That night was one of the worst. Apparently if your tooth is really bad pre- root canal, it is going to hurt after the procedure. Bad. Luckily my OB is a pretty chill guy and hallelujah, I was able to get some Lortab. I survived and I feel like I can take pain a little better now. Maybe. Ok maybe not, but I must have got something out of that experience. Right? Let's hope so.

I still can't chew on the left side of my mouth but gosh darn it, I don't really need to eat solid foods, anyway! Having a little bundle of amazingness will be so worth it.

We are SO excited. I will keep my blog updated more now. Forgive me, but it will probably be mostly about pregnancy for a while. Just consider this my new pregnancy blog. You 2 people who read this. Haha.