Monday, July 15, 2013

My long awaited laundry room

So remember how I was all excited for my laundry room plans when we moved? Today I finally put the finishing touches on it and it is done. I LOVE it. It's weird how much I love a room meant for chores, but I do.

Check it out!

The color scheme of orange and blue that seems to be carried through most of the house is what I went with in the laundry room as well. How awesome is the orange pocket door?! Thank you, Cody. :)

It is so much more organized than my old laundry space. Cody attached small canning jars to the bottom of a shelf to hold hardware such as nails and screws. I got large jars for detergent and other cleaning supplies and labeled them with chalk board label stickers.

I wanted a place for tools that we use inside the house, so this shelf is dedicated to tools and the like.

I used a railing from Ikea to hang my cleaning supplies on. I seriously love this feature. It is so much easier to find stuff this way. Ah! I love my laundry room!

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