Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Morning, Garden!

My backyard in the morning.



Here is a pumpkin that looks more like a watermelon.

Here is the pumpkin that grew first. He is the biggest. Still about the size of a large onion.
I don't remember what kinds these are, as they grew all over each other, but I have about 10 different species in here.

I was so worried that the bee's wouldn't find my pumpkins (if they didn't, that would mean the fruit would wither up and die) so I went to the nursery and bought a plant that attracts bees. When I got home and went to plant it, the bees were already there. They love these big flowers.


There is a whole world under the big leaves full of green light.

There's a baby pumpkin! The thing hanging off of it is a female flower.








These little curly vines grab onto everything they can find, even the weeds.

Goodnight, Garden

Shots from my backyard, taken at dusk.

My monstrous pumpkins, enjoying the break from the sun that makes their leaves wither in its heat.

The flowers on the pumpkins curl up at night.

The creeping vines are beginning to take over the lawn. They grow so fast, it seems like they are half a foot farther along every day. I could probably see them moving if I watched long enough. See the tiny pumpkin under the vines? This little dude makes me happy.

Funnel Spider



Goodnight, garden.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Anniversary

It has been 3 whole years since the Mr. and I got hitched. We have been together for almost 8 years, and the other day I realized I have known him for TEN years! This is just unreal to me. It has been 10 whole years since I spotted him sitting in the front row of science class, with his red high top shoes. Ten years since I sat next to him and tried to dazzle him with my amazing taste in music, {Slipknot and Weezer} 10 years since we wrote notes to one other, admitting very shyly our crushes we had on each other.

And it really doesn't seem like it's been that long since we were 16, just driving around in his van, eating lunch together at Taco Bell every day, laying on the grass at the park, SO in love, so sure we would get married, have babies, and grow old together and we just could not wait for those things to happen.

8 years later, I am still just as in love with Cody Black, I still miss him when he leaves my side, I still get so happy when he gets home from work and I can find my place in his arms again. I hope this never changes. I hope we only fall more in love with each other and are always able to laugh and play and cuddle, and show our appropriate pda, until we are old and wrinkly and using walkers with tennis balls on the feet. We will still call each other sweetheart and hold hands and take slow walks in the park. Then I will write a book about our love and Cody can read it to me and we can die in our sleep together. That's the goal I have in mind, anyway. :)

Anyway, we had such an amazing, happy anniversary. I decorated our gazebo with rose petals, candles, and twinkle lights. We got all dressed up in separate rooms and then met each other outside with our wrapped gifts. We ate nachos (the food we had every single day on our honeymoon) and cream soda in glass bottles (we used to drink that back in middle/high school at lunch time) and watched a slide show I made of pictures of our wedding accompanied by music playing from our reception. It was dreamy.



We didn't talk any business, nothing about chores that needed to get done, or bills or anything too marriagey. It was just like we were on a date, on our best behavior. It was lovely.

Then we opened presents!


Cody got new hiking boots made of some type of fancy water proof leather (I am still sticking to the traditional anniversary gifts and 3 years is leather) and guitar pick necklace that says "So Happy I Picked You" on one side and "Happy 3 years Cody" on the other side. He also got a card that says "If I had a big enough needle, I would sew us together while you were sleeping so that when you woke up, we would be like one person. One big happy deformed person." I'm not lying, that's what it said. I bought it like that. I thought it was pretty awesome but Cody seemed oddly disturbed.

gift haul

I got an absolutely adorable purse that I had told Cody about a couple weeks prior, not thinking he was even listening, and inside was an awesome handmade card and TICKETS to see my very favoritest band ever DEFTONES the next weekend!! I was so flipping excited.


Afterwards we cuddled in the hammock and just talked until it got dark. Cody told me all about the plans he made for us for the next weekend. It was such a happy night. That's the best word I can think of to describe what I felt that night. Happy. I don't think I've had a more happy night for quite a while.