Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I know, I have been pretty MIA. I haven't posted anything since May. That's sad. I just haven't felt up to sitting at the computer when I am at home. We have just been trying to get through another hot-as-fried-hell summer. Cody has been out of school for a week. (He passed his Calc. 2 class! yahoo!) And has been enjoying his time to catch up on everything else. Right now he is making the coolest bench ever. It will go on our front porch and I am very excited to sit in it with him in the evenings and just talk. I have been getting seriously crafty. I have taken on quite a long list of projects and I will be posting about those soon.

For now, here are some long exposure night photos I took in my backyard. Summer nights are what its all about.






The light writing ones were totally hard to get. I had to spell it like i was in a mirror, and I kept getting the "g" backwards. Of course when I would finally get it right, I would get the "h" backwards. :) I was out of breath by the time I was done running back and forth between the camera and the spot where I was moving the light around. It was totally fun though.