Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yes, there's more.

Spooky Shelves

This is a little witch my mom gave me. She has had it since the 1960's and it is definitely my most favorite decoration. These shelves are covered in leaves I gathered last fall. They give the shelf a nice touch, I think.

Witchy Poo Stationary Project

This is a fun little crafty thing I made this year to go next to my "Halloween Tree" which is manzanita branches filled with little ghosts I made. I found a really creepy vintage picture of a woman dressed as a witch. (Or maybe she is a witch!) And pretty much used her as inspiration for the rest of it. The background is made of a picture of a dead willow tree covered in velum paper that has a "Witches Brew" that I made up printed on it with silly ingredients such as spider legs and lemon zest. Then I printed a famous picture of a thought-to-be real ghost, and drawings of a spider and a skeleton. I drew pictures of spiders on a doily and burned things to give them that vintage effect. I think it turned out pretty neat looking.

Crows are Creepy

For some reason this year I've decided that I like crows. They are becoming the main theme throughout my house for the creepy and best part of the year.

Button Creatures

These were pretty easy to make and so fun.

Halloween with the Blacks

Table Decor

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gina Update

Hello! It's been a while! I apologize in advance for the complaining I'm about to do. So for the past week I have been in serious, SERIOUS pain. Last Friday Cody, my dearest love, tried to pop my back as he always does, but something in my back got really screwed up. Two days later I tried to have him squeeze my back to get it to pop and I pretty much fell down from the pain. I went to a chiropractor the next day and it seemed to only get worse after I saw him, so a couple days later I went back and OMG, the pain! I left his house and moving in any direction at all was excruciating. To the point of tears. I’ve tried ice, cold packs, heat packs, Ibuprofen, nothing works. So I’ve had to stay lying flat in bed for the last couple of days and I also went to this physical therapy place. I made Cody some cool mix tapes though. It seems to be slowly getting better and I am now thankfully able to be back to work. Oh yeah, the other day I received my new camera! I’m loving it so far. It’s just a point and shoot, but it is so nice. Far, far better from that sad excuse for a camera we had before which couldn’t take a non-blurry photo to save it’s worthless little life. Ahhh, anyway, that’s what’s up. And it's now October!!!! My favorite time of year. This means that I now get to do what satisfies me the very most in life. Decorate for the Holidays!!!! YES. Pictures shall be posted.