Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

I finally got a card reader so I can post the pictures I have been waiting to post since June. Cody's and my anniversary was back in June and I have got to tell you what he did for me. So get ready, because I am about to blow your mind.
Cody told me we would be doing something special the next weekend. So on Friday morning my alarm went off at 7 for me to get ready for work. On my alarm clock was an envelope with a letter and a card inside from Cody that said he had requested the day off and that we would be leaving on a trip and here is what I need to pack. It said he would be back (from some unknown place) soon. So I packed and an little while later he pulled up in a 2009 Dodge Charger. That was confusing. He explained that he rented a car and that was the coolest one St George has to offer. (CUUUTE!) He had already thought of everything too, he made plans for my mom to pick up lulu, and we had ordered a carpet cleaner which was supposed to arrive over the weekend. He had already put a key outside so his mom could come over and put the carpet cleaner inside. He already had all the drinks and snacks and anything else I would probably forget if I were the coordinator. We drove. and drove and drove and drove and 10 hours later we arrived in Carmel, CA.
He booked us a room in this way way cute place called Normandy Inn. It was all cottagey and had pots of flowers everywhere and it was built in 1902 or something. The next day we got up and he had the whole day planned. After our delightful continental breakfast we went down to the beach (so pretty.) Then we drove up the coast to all these cool places like this gorgeous beach with these huuuge cliffs (which turned out to be either a nudist beach or there were a few foreigners there.) And we went to Santa Cruz board walk and we went on a roller coaster and a sky ride like at lagoon that goes along the beach. And then we went to an old old lighthouse and this road that went through a forest with all these cool giant trees and old barns and stuff, and then we went to have sushi for dinner at this way cool authentic place. Oh my gosh, he must have taken so long to plan all of this stuff.
As if all of this wasn't enough (just giving me the day off work was a good enough surprise for me) when I wanted to keep something for the scrap book like some leaves or sand, he brought zip lock bags JUST for that specific purpose, and he even brought a folder which he had labled the "Memory Folder" which was to hold all of the tickets and little things we wanted to keep. It was so cute. The next day we drove back home. Anyway, sorry that was really long but I just had to tell you how lucky I am! (The drive was VERY long, so these pictures are mostly from on the way because I was so bored, and then the battery ran out.)

Outside of our room. Carmel Beach

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Randi said...

There arent many guys that thoughtful! You've got a winner. But so does he. :) You're lobsters. ;)