Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Handmade Christmas Gifts!

This year for Christmas I have my brother. (My siblings and I switch off every year so we don't have to get gifts for a million people) His youngest 2 daughters are 8 and 14 and I decided to make them dolls that look like them... sort of. The blonde one is my niece Emilee. I do not sew and I am not sure why I decided to do a sewing project like this, so I got help from my amazing crafty cousin, Lindy. It took us 9 hours. Lots of fun to make though. My nieces better appreciate!
The one with black hair is my niece Angel. She likes to dress more on the dark side. We made them little wing backpacks that are removable. There were some serious misleading pattern problems but overall I think they turned out really cute.


Randi said...

wow those are really cool and thoughtful!

carieslove said...

You have some mad skills!
I love them!