Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love you, Olive.

I lost my baby girl this week. She is very important to me and I am finding it very tough to deal with. I forgot how hard it is losing an animal that belongs to me and I belong to it.

Olive was such a good cat. She came running whenever I called her, she knew to never use her claws and teeth when playing with me and she was such a little love.

This really sucks.

Some might think that she is only an animal but she was my baby. My first "child" as an independent woman. I got her when I moved out of the folks house and she has been my partner ever since. I had plans for us. Silly but true. She was supposed to be my kids kitty and live til she was very old and wise.

I may sound like a crazy cat lady, but that's ok.
It's probably true. haha.

The worst part is not knowing what happened to her. I have lots of creative ideas that won't stop running through my mind, though. awesome. I'm sorry to go on about my cat like this. It's just so weird not having her around. Everywhere I look I see something Olive or cat related.
Oh man, this hurts.

Ok I'll stop.

I miss you Olly.


Adam, Tracina, Diesl, & Addison said...

I'm so sorry Gina. You are not a crazy cat lady. That really does suck. I don't even like cats but I liked Olive. p.s. how's life?

carieslove said...

So sad my Gina friend. I know olive was special to you.

Randi said...

im sorry about your baby girl! animals are special spirits... and so hard to part with when they leave us. :( come over and we will go to paws down the street from my house... we can cuddle as many kitties as you want... ha ha

Raeschel said...

I'm so sorry Gina, I can't even imagine! I have a kitty who I adore like this too. Olive actually looks like one of my kitties we've had since I was a kid! Her name is Lucifer, the resmblence is crazy. Anyhow she is very old and could use a loving home if you were ever up for adopting an old lady kitty. I wish there were more comforting words I could give! :(