Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Right Now and a Little of Back Then

Hello! I hope you all had a good weekend/first half of your week! Last weekend was so nice for me. On Friday I dyed my red tips purple! (Lust Lavender, actually.) It's pretty hot.

Purple Tips

We went to a kinda weird movie. Sucker Punch. I REALLY did not want to see this movie when I first saw the previews. I was thinking "Wow... stripper teenagers fighting giant samurais and nazi's with swords? What?" but Cody expressed his slight interest and I thought Ok, it can't be too terrible, the action-y parts look interesting. And yeah, it was just ok and kind of confusing. If you do see it though, the pimped out mayor is my fav part.

I also played a lot of hackie sack. I'm getting pretty good at it and it gives Mr. Black and I an activity to do outside together.

ANYWAY! Gosh. I have been trying to lose weight. I am "obese" according to the BMI calculator, and have "lost my face" among various other things according to my dear mother. So hopefully I can stick to my plan of eating nutrisystem food and exercise (EW) everyday. My family is having a competition to see who can lose the most weight before June. I am losing pretty bad right now, but it's only the first week. It is good motivation and cool to have a bunch of my family all trying to be healthy as well.

Nutrisystem is really nice. The food I've had so far is really good, just tiny portions. WAY better than HCG. I'm hoping to lose a pretty sizable amount of my body. I want to be AT LEAST what I weighed in 10th grade. Even back then though, actually, pretty much since 6th grade-ish, I have not been at all happy with my size. Haha, not saying I'm going for my 5th grade weight or anything, I just want to feel better about myself, which means losing at least 40 lbs and getting a bit toned. And then staying that way. That's the part that really scares me. All I know is eating what I want, which includes a ridiculous amount of pizza, like, all the time. So after nutrisystem isn't there telling me what to eat, what do I do? I don't really know.

Here is a size that I would be happy being again. This is prom with Cody. Oh there's my face! I found it.

Prom 2006

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