Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life, Lately

Things are getting busy in the Black home. Moxie sales have picked up a bit and Cody started his summer semester today. We are really really NOT excited about this because he has hard crappy classes that he will be studying for all the time, and he has to be to work at 3am every morning which means most of his free time will consist of sleep. So to sum up, I won't be seeing much of him for the next couple months, and it blows.

I know that he has to do it for our family's future, and he works so hard for us. He wants to be home as much as I want him home, and I am blessed to have such a hard working, good man for my husband. Remembering this and trying not to be frustrated because I just miss the crap out of him is something I'm working on every day.

Enough complaining, lately I have been spending lots of time in the craft room gluing feathers together and such to make clips, and we started our first vegetable garden.

We have yummy little strawberries that are always getting nibbled on by garden pests.

Tiny Strawberry

And Cody built me a drip system for my tomatoes and jalapenos which have tiny little green baby tomatoes and jalapenos growing on them already.


As usual, Reagan must be right smack in the middle of whatever I'm working on.

Crafting Kitty

I just love her and her little cat thumbs!


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