Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Throw Pillows

These pictures are really crappy. I apologize for that, the only pictures I can put on my blog are from my phone.

These are the throw pillows that I have finished so far. They are my first real project on my sewing machine that I got for Christmas. All I have used it for so far is sewing up my moxie owl packages and making a couple of bean bags for my Sunday school class.

I finally remade the cat pillows after losing the originals to a tragic explosive pumpkin-mold incident:

I think they turned out even better than the first set! Although I should have looked at the old picture before making these because I like the old version of the whiskers better.

These are my scrappy leaf autumn pillows. I got the idea off of pinterest. They took forever to make because of all the individual leaf sewing but it was so worth it!

Hopefully I will get a new laptop someday and I will be able to post real photos of everything awesome that has been going on.

Oh yes, Cody made me a giant amazing beautiful chalk board. Here is a picture of it!

He made it out of a big sheet of metal sprayed with chalkboard paint. And of coarse he made the magnificent frame himself. Cody is pretty much the bomb.


aimeec said...

Totally the bomb. We didn't get a chance to go over how to make the pillows you wanted. These are super cute. I will see you in two weeks though, we can do it then. I can't wait!! I miss you so! Also, Gina blogger fans: Gina forgot to mention that I wasn't serious about Bieber and iCarly as she well knew. However, I guess it makes for funnier blogging if I sound like a bozo.

Raeschel said...


Randi Gardner said...

I love the tree pillows and yes, Cody is the carpentry fairy.