Monday, August 6, 2012

Mug 4 - Cody's Manly Mug

For the next mug, Cody wanted his very own manly mug with his handsome face on it. He also wanted Big Foot on it because Cody likes Big Foot.

And so I would like to present the hand painted beard and Sasquatch mug:


My depiction of Cody's cute face.


A friendly but shy Sas.


Pebbles, you ask? Yes, Pebbles. Cody's father told us that on a few different occasions, he has been camping out in the middle of nowhere and has heard little rocks being thrown against his camper. He thinks it is Big Foot and now he/we refers to him as Pebbles. That is why this charming Sasquatch (in the classic "Patterson" pose) is holding a small rock.

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