Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloweeny Front Porch


The new blogger is driving me crazy and wouldn't let me post my photos how I wanted yesterday. I wanted to say that all those throw pillows are the ones I made last year. The ones that are halloweeny with the spiders and crows and whatnot I did using iron-ons that I printed on my computer using images I purchased from Etsy. The other pillows I hand stitched and created using fabric and the one below on the bench was made using a Wal-mart place mat.

For the witch shelves I actually got my inspiration from a store in Disneyland. In the store that sells Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise they have all kinds of realistic creepy stuff that decorates the top of the shelves. That is what I was going for with the skulls and crows and herbs and whatnot. I love how it turned out and I am sad that all of the creepy stuff has to come down soon. This month has gone by so fast for me!

Here are some photos of our porch this year.

  DSC01401 DSC01403 .

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