Friday, December 28, 2012

17 Weeks

Today I am 17 weeks and the baby is now the size of an onion.

 My baby at 12 weeks. Sucking his thumb, perhaps?

I have been having dreams about the baby (which I usually love, unless it's one of my countless miscarriage nightmares). But when the dreams are good, I don't want to wake up! The latest dream was about seeing my babies feet kicking. In the dream it was a she, and I could see the outline of the foot pressing against my belly. The feet kept getting bigger and bigger throughout the day and the foot was sticking out ridiculously far. Like 4 or 5 inches out from my belly.

And then I suddenly had a kangaroo pouch. I could look in my pouch and see my baby. I took her out for a minute to see her. She was about the size of a 4 lb baby (at 17 weeks) and I thought I'd better put her back and let her grow and get a little cuter. She kept hanging on to me and didn't want to go back in, but eventually I got her back into my kangaroo pouch.

Meanwhile, I was in some kind of princess pageant and I was upset because the Snow White dress they were having me wear was too small. What, they don't have princess maternity wear? Psh.

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