Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nature is a Cruel, Cruel Mistress...

It's been forever since I did a blog post. I've been so dang busy working on my new boutique. I sit in front of a window over looking the backyard. Along with seeing Olive and Lulu wonder around out there, I see sooo much wildlife, it's crazy how much we have!

Sometimes it's pleasant. Just today I saw a little baby bunny hop in front of the window. Last week I saw a big toad in the same place. And there are tons of birds out there. But when Olive is involved it's usually not pleasant at all. Since moving here, she has become a wild hunter. She climbs trees and scales walls to get at birds. Last week she brought a bird into our bedroom and tore it apart. Bleh. Then today she chased in a BIG lizard. It ran behind some furniture and despite searching for an hour, I did not succeed in finding it. So there's a lizard in this house somewhere.

Anyway, every year a humming bird builds a nest on top of my hanging lantern on the patio. Now that I'm living here I decided to document it for my blog. We new she had eggs in there because every time we came outside she would hover around us and not leave us alone.

Here are the 2 tiny eggs.

Keeping her babies warm.

A couple of weeks later they hatched. Here they are just black things with little pokey feathers sprouting out.

As I said, everytime we would go out there she would have an attack thinking we were going to get her babies. It didn't help when I would open the window and stick my camera up there. Other than that we tried to leave her alone and not stress her out.

And then it happened. We went out of town, came back....and the babies were dead! It made me sick. One was upside down on top of the nest, and the other was on the ground. Mommy bird was not around. I came to the conclusion that mommy bird couldn't take the stress we were causing her, so she figured it would be better to just ...kill her babies and leave. It really does make me sick just typing this. Animals are weird. And I miss those little tiny beaks sticking out of the nest. Sad.

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Raeschel said...

I don't think it was your fault they died, if you didn't actually handle them then she would have no reason to abandon them.

Survival rate of baby animals is much lower than people, Maybe your cat ate the mama? Mother nature is harsh sometimes.