Monday, December 19, 2011

a groovy christmas

This year for our Christmas card we decided to channel the likes of the brady bunch and Ron Burgandy.

I think detail is what makes things special, but you couldn't really see it all in the card we sent out. Because I am a lover of vintage, the only thing we had to purchase for this photo shoot was Cody's jacket. Everything else in the picture is from my own collection including the mushroom painting done by my grandfather in 1977, the Merry Christmas cross stich, the 70's ornaments that belonged to Cody's mother, my favorite lamp, the mushroom figurine from a local antique shop and candles found in this very house. Behind Cody is a Bobby Goldsboro record (which we have never listened to but bought because of its obvious awesomeness), and next to me are the Carpenters Christmas albums. Behind them is a black sabbath record. Just for fun.

My dress is my favorite, even though Cody thinks it's ugly. It is a vintage 70's boho pioneer (?) type dress. You know, from back when people thought dressing in long pioneer style dresses and bonnets was stylin' Which is was. I'm sad that you can't see my dress in this photo very well.
Oh yeah, and the chair that someone abandoned in this house a friend was renting out. Jealous?
Here is a version of the card we sent out to family and friends last week.

A Groovy Christmas

And don't feel bad for my husband. Just envy him.

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