Thursday, April 25, 2013

33 Weeks Along . . .

This week was my 33rd week of pregnancy bliss. As of today I have 43 days until my due date.

 I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday. Everything is super normal and we got to hear babies heartbeat, which is always fun. We found out that the baby is head down, which means the constant upward pushing towards my chest is caused by a little baby bum (aww!). So now when I am holding the top of my tummy, trying to perhaps relieve the pressure that is constantly there, I know my hand is being pushed by a tiny bum and it makes me happy.

Now I will go to see the doctor in 2 weeks, and then once a week after that. This is getting real, homies. And it is really scary to me! These past few months have absolutely flown by. I am so excited to meet this little addition to our family. SO EXCITED! But also, so not ready. I mean, I only have THREE paychecks left before I leave work. (ah!!!!)

He is super active (sometime insanely active). Sometimes it isn't very pleasant but mostly I just love it so much. Feeling the baby move is my absolute favorite. It feels amazing. I know I am really going to miss this part of pregnancy when he comes out.

Due to some serious upper back pain, I have worked out a little deal with my boss. I can now work part time at the office and part time at home. This is saving me. I really can't be in this chair for too long before I get SO uncomfortable and I am in a lot of pain. It is sucky because I can't really get anything done. Cooking in the kitchen is pretty much impossible and cleaning the new house hasn't happened for a couple of weeks because of it.

Here are my stats for this week:

How far along: 33 Weeks

Size of baby: Pineapple sized? Durian fruit sized? (what the crap is a durian.) Past the 17 inch mark.

Gender: Male.

Maternity Clothes: No matter what I wear I feel like a whale. Poor husband.

Stretch Marks: Getting Scary. Just scary.

Sleep: Still a joke and probably always will be. I toss and turn, have to get up 4 times to pee, have crazy, frightening dreams. And most of all, HEART BURN. I wake up feeling like spicy hot chili is sitting in my throat. Aaaand I am tired all day. Hooray! But it could be worse, and probably will be.

Cravings: Strawberries, WATERMELON (WHY is it not watermelon season!?), red vines, and cinnamon toast crunch.

Looking forward to: The house getting done! Painting is under-way and carpet will be installed next week.

Symptoms: The usual. And by the way, restless leg syndrome is STUPID.

Worst moment this week: Hmm. Just another emotional volcanic explosion. No biggie.

Best moment this week: Sitting outside in the shade with the cool breeze, listening to the wind chimes and thinking about my baby. That was a very lovely, peaceful moment. I think that I really need to slow down sometimes and just try and enjoy and connect with the little spirit in my belly sometimes. I think that is really important.

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