Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day

For Valentine's Day, Cody took me to dinner at Benja's. They have such yummy Thai food! We even got sushi this time. Big deal.

Cody wore his new birthday shirt. I wore a ghost on my leg. Do you see it? Yeah, I'm pretty fancy.



I made Cody a manly man pillow case. Or at least that is what it started out as. Until the puns started flowing.

If you know Cody, you know that he likes plaid. So his pillowcase is made of plaid flannel. I drew out the deer onto some white flannel. Sewed it up and was pretty proud of myself, despite many, many frustrating sewing machine mishaps. (Do you always mispronounce mishaps when you read it like I do? Mi-Shaps).

IMGP9368 2

And then I was like "Aww, maybe I could sew a little heart onto it, so he could always have my heart with him as he sleeps... or something." And then I was like "It could say something like 'I Love You." And then I was like "No! It could say 'To my Deerest'!!!!" And that was that.

IMGP9374 2

I'm not the best at embroidering letters but it's the thought that counts, right?

Cody got me something I have wanted for a couple of years but it was always too pricey and not really a "need." It is a digital picture frame! I love it and I stare at it a lot now as it does a slideshow of all of my favorite photos.


Elisa said...

So cute, G! I can totally see Cody's smile upon opening this fantastic present. And sidenote, love your V day outfit! So presh!

Kelli Anderson said...

awe i think the embroidered letter is so sweet (:

Randi Gardner said...

That second picture is really cute! And I love the pillow - very stylish yet manly at the same time!
(Also, thanks for adding my button to your blog!)