Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cody's Birthday

I am finally back to report on Cody's Birthday! It went a little like this:


I spent a long time on this decoration. A handmade birthday banner. It is something we can hopefully keep for a long time to make bday's special.

Bday Banner


{Birthday Menu}

Boneless Wings from Wing Nutz
7 Layer Dip from Costco

IBC Cream Soda

Main Course:
Jimmy Johns Sandwiches

Costco American Chocolate Cake
(We still have half a cake after 2 weeks. It is huge!)


Cody woke up to this yummy breakfast. And also maybe to the smoke alarm that went off twice because of it. I made him lunch and he had a bday note in his lunch bag as well. He gets well fed on his birthday.

When he got home we had dinner and he received a shirt with a fly fisherman on it and a picture of a weed whacker on it to represent the real gift. Then we tried to watch the Robin Williams version of Popeye... but that was weird. Very weird movie.

That weekend we went to the Pizza Factory and got a pizza in the shape of a 24. We went to the movies, and shopped for the weed whacker (Cody spent about 1 1/2 hours in the store deciding) and we finally got one! Take that, yard from Hades!

I think it was a birthday well done!


Katie said...

You are such a cute wife. I bet he loved every minute of it. You are right that movie is very weird. LOL

carieslove said...

Sounds like a fun bday to me...especially with all the foooood!

Cody Black said...

You make everyday special to me sweetie:)

Randi Gardner said...

love love love the banner! And I agree, you are THE cutest wife!