Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Present to Me...

Last week I bought myself a camera strap from this shop and I love it. It's much more me than the one my camera came with. Very comfy, too.

DSC01233 2

Yesterday Cody didn't have school so we took the day off. It was lovely to spend a Monday going to the Parade of Homes and just laughing and joking around with each other. We went to our fav sushi place, Ichiban, watched our favorite shows The Walking Dead and Portlandia, and made home made BBQ chicken pizza.

I also had another moment of weakness in my baby hunger sickness. Cody and I had a talk about it but he seems unconvinced by my pleas to just get knocked up right this second. Mr. Responsible. In the end I decided he was right. I guess. Psh.


Elisa said...

I always find pictures of camera's to be ironic. Love the new strap, it is totally youish.


Hey Gina Gina Gina!
I love reading your blog so much. We decided to change ours to private and so we wanted to extend an invite to you if you want to read ours just send me your email at shelbieclement@gmail.com. I hope everything is going great with your man!!!! Miss you guys so much!

Randi Gardner said...

super cute! I want to know more about this pentax though.