Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is here again

Bees buzzing in the apricot tree


The color green


Time Outdoors


Beauty in nature

IMGP9457 copy

Back yard fires
{The fire spit out sparks and Cody made this cool face}

Cody and the Fire

Creepy girls in bushes taking pictures of you. (Oh, that's just at my house?)

Warm weather is here and we are taking advantage of it where we can. Before we left for California we spent a little time by the fire pit. It was lovely. We love having a fire pit!

Cody and I started on the 2nd annual family health diet on Monday and we are both dropping a few pounds already. Hopefully I can do better than last year and stick to things now that I have Cody's support. It is a lot more work to make snacks and lunches and dinners every day instead of just going to taco bell, but it feels really good at the same time. My body was tired of junk, and definitely addicted to it. I can tell that I am detoxing a bit by the way my head aches and I get nauseated out of nowhere. My goal is about 40 pounds. So please don't offer me donuts or anything. :)

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Elisa said...

Love the pics, G. I'm glad you and Cody got a chance to go to California (jealous!). I, too, have lost a few pounds already. I'm doing Heather and Mike's diet plan and like it thus far.

Oh, since I'm not allowed to have them, do you want the donuts in my pantry? :)