Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gina and the Weed Stalk

It is definitely well into spring here in southern Utah. It's actually getting hot. I hope we aren't skipping spring and going straight into June. As our summers have the ability to set your hair on fire the moment you walk out your front door, spring time is something we really like to keep around for a while.

But the lovely things of Spring are starting to appear and that makes me happy. Flowers on the trees, frogs croaking in my back yard, walks in the park. This makes me excited for another year of picnics and camping and watermelon and BBQ's and outdoor family time. One of the times of year that I love to spend with my family is aloof. Hopefully some of them will come down and hang out with us. Maybe even go see a misty waterfall or something. Hint, hint, you know who you are.

spring flower

The things I dread are also making themselves known. Yesterday I was spraying weed killer and it got too hot for comfort. A reminder that the deadly heat that makes things a little miserable at my place is knocking on my door. You see, the heat might not be so bad if it weren't for my yard. My yard takes hours of maintenance every week. In the summer, this is not fun. I have almost not made it into the house because I was starting to see black spots from the heat. And that was after only 15 minutes of work.

I love my yard. But I also loath it. The weeds. Have I mentioned the weeds? Imagine a forest. It's full of weeds. And for some crazy reason you have to pull all of them. And when you're finally half way done after hours and hours and hours of pulling and digging and sweating? You turn around, and the weeds are already starting to grow back. You will NEVER catch up. It's like trying to scoop all of the water out of the ocean with a teaspoon. This is my life. No matter how much pulling and spraying and ground sterilizing and work, I will never catch up. I used to not be a winter person. I LOVED summer. Lived for it. It made me feel alive. Now? Those 2 months of cold we have are my only relief. And summer is out to do me in.

the weed

And it has begun. The weeds are creeping in rather quickly. The water bill will begin to sky rocket. My break is over. I guess my only option is to get on top of it and try to focus on the good things, because really, there are SO many good things.

This year Cody is armed with a weed whacker. Hopefully this helps!

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