Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lately I have been unsatisfied with my hair. I have to admit that I miss the days of having it red and purple and... just more me. When I got rid of it I was told how much better it is and that I look more mature. I also didn't love all of the attention the red brought. I didn't do it for attention, and getting yelled at by mean old men wasn't my favorite. My parents hated it. My grandma LOATHED it. But I liked it. It made me feel like me. But because of the damage it did to my hair and because of pressure from others, I sat in a salon chair for 8 hours and watched it turn from red to green to brown.

Now that it is grown out, back to it's natural state, I am mad. I had hoped that it would go back to the way it was when I was a kid. Thick, blonde, healthy. I have found that this is not going to happen, my hair will never be that way again. So what is the point of keeping it natural if I don't like it this way? Cody tells me that it would be inappropriate to have hair like that again. That I need to function in society. That I need to look like an adult and adults don't have hair like that. And I worry about what my mother will say. I know, I'm an adult. I am my own person. This is all true. That doesn't make hearing her constant disapproval any easier.


I have decided that I want my hair the way I want it, and that is that. Does this mean I will have to endure perpetual and unfiltered disappointment from my parents? Absolutely. Will strangers feel the need to share their never-ending negative opinions about my hair with me? Without a doubt. Might I eventually have to wear a wig to church functions? So be it. That wig may even come in handy when all of my hair falls out from too much damage. But I will have been happy for that time that I did have my hair, and that it was dyed with colors that pleased me.

However, I think the smart way of doing this is with subtlety. I will ease people in. Maybe they won't even notice if I do it carefully enough.

So it began with blonde. Bleach blonde. And then came the pink. I will call this pink "phase 2."

I really like how phase 2 turned out.

Pink hair


Randi Gardner said...

You need to talk to my dad about this subject. You know I'm with ya 100%! You be you!

carieslove said...

Love it!
I love when you look more like You!
You definitely rocked the red hair!