Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just because I was so excited

I got a camera bag. No, not a camera bag. THE camera bag. It has been on my list for quite sometime. It finally got here in the mail and I was so excited that I made this little charm to adorn its zipper. I have a little key and tiny picture frame that I was never going to use and they worked perfectly for this project. I took a picture (with my dslr) of me taking a picture (with my canon) and put it in the frame.

Camera Charm

I love how it turned out! So much so that took a picture of the picture of me taking a picture. Not confusing at all.

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Tracina said...

Gina! Long time, still no see. How are you? I have been checking in every now and again on your blog. You are adorable as ever. I love your hair BTW! ??????? for you. Do you do family pics? I love your photography on your blog and was wondering how much you would charge to take some pics of my family? You can either call, text, or email me back if you want. I would love to see you and catch up. My number is 772-6563 and my email is atdpenrose@gmail.com. No big deal if you don't do those kinds of pics but I'd love to see you anyway sometime:)