Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bits and Pieces - The Guest Room

This is my cute and cozy little guest room. We put a chocolate brown accent wall in here as well because I wanted the blue side tables to really pop against the dark background. The guest room in the old house was my favorite room, but I like this one even more. When I walk past it I want to take a nap in there because it looks so comfy, so hopefully my guests feel the same. Apparently my cat, Assassin sure does.



I made these dream catchers out of antique lace doilies. I took thick gauge craft wire used for wreathes, bent them into a circle the size of the doily, and then wrapped them in leather string, hot gluing as I went. That was the hardest part. Then I just found bits of lace and feathers and strung beads and tied them on.


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