Friday, August 16, 2013

Bits and Pieces - My Bedroom

This is my bedroom. I wish I spent more time in here, because that would mean I got more sleep. But you know... babies. Pshh.

This is basically the prettiest my bedroom has ever looked. At all of our other places the room just didn't quite look that great. This bedroom is something I am proud of. It's grown up. I feel like it definitely has some feminine touches to it but is masculine enough to not make my husband feel out of place. Mostly because of the GIANT furniture pieces he made. When Cody makes something, I always have to prepare myself for it to be bigger than expected. And yet every time a furniture piece is revealed, I am taken aback. I mean, look at that bed! I couldn't even fit it all into one photo. I have hurt myself multiple times trying to climb down from that thing. Cody makes me the prettiest things.


This is the armoire that Cody made for us. We were lucky that we were able to fit these things in this room.




I keep my jewelry over here in a jewelry box that was my grandmas, and on a vintage tiered plate I bought for my wedding reception. Next to it sits a little vintage owl music box.


On this wall hangs my necklaces on a jewelry hanger that Cody got me for my last birthday.




These side tables are temporary. Cody will eventually make matching ones for us.


This is the book hook that he made for me. These posts are pretty much just a bunch of stuff that Cody made, aren't they? Well, he is quite the carpenter.



As with most of the rooms in the house, this one isn't quite finished. For the past year I have been working on art pieces for what I call the "Love Wall." Basically one of the walls in our room will be dedicated to a collection of art and quotes and such that will be clustered together to form an ode to marriage and love. I have all the pieces done, but 2 of them still need glass for the frames (Cody made frames for a couple of them) and since we had a baby, I can't justify going to buy the glass. He also needs to cut some wood to fit a vinyl quote on it and that just isn't going to happen anytime soon since we moved and all.

Someday though, the love wall will exist, I tell you! And I will document it here.

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