Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghost Towns and Mine Shafts

My second parents (Craig and Jeanie) whom I met when I was in Young Women's took Cody and I to some Mine Shafts a few months ago. They are CRAZY and actually go into closed off abandoned mine shafts and poke around. This sounded nuts to me (which it IS) but we went anyway. I didn't even know this but there are hundreds of them all around us in Utah and Nevada. We went to some called the Jack Rabbit Mines.
We went to one where you walk waaay back into the mountain and then come into this HUGE room with loooong latters going every which way and bats on the ceiling. There was a shoot that went so far down, our flashlights couldn't see that far so Craig just grabbed a small boulder and threw it down. The noise of it falling just went on and on. There was a latter next to the shoot that went down with it. It was so creepy how far it went down (of coarse Craig and Jeanie went down it on their next trip without us, they are crazy. they found repelling equipment at the bottom) The mines were so creepy and I thought we were going to die the whole time but I am now hooked.

On our way we stopped at a couple abandoned buildings that used to be a hotel/general store in at an old train stop. I took lots of pictures for you to see!

Outside of the Hotel
Ghost Hotel

Inside the general store area the ceiling had caved in.
Cave In

A creepy hallway under the creepy cave in that led to some reeally creepy dark stairs that went down to a creepy basement which we did go into. It was creepy down there!

Upstairs in the hallway next to the freaky caved in room.
Hallway to Nowhere

Here is a piece of a door by a window. There were just pieces of things everywhere. Drawers, beds, shutters. It was so cool to see things that were used 140 years ago just abandoned.
Door Knob

Someone propped some old box springs against the front window to prevent intruders. (teehee)
Box Springs

Shelves in the general store.
General Store

A bedroom.
Hotel Bedroom

Hotel Bedroom with Bed
Here is the building next door. We don't know what it used to be but there were hooks all over the ceiling.

After the mines they took us to these "ovens" where they used to bake pottery? Something like that.

Man, I want to go again!


Raeschel said...

how do I get to these?!

Penelope Red said...

You drive up to Enterprise and go west into NV. That is all I know. :( Sorry.

Randi said...

I'm gonna try and find this! My dad is really into mine shafts! He would freak!