Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend my niece Justine came down from Salt Lake and visited me a bit. She is a very cute girl with an awesome smile so I put her in front of my camera. She is a natural model. I love how they turned out. Isn't she cute?

1-23-11 140
1-23-11 152
1-23-11 135
1-23-11 163
1-23-11 197
1-23-11 077 sunshine
1-23-11 136
1-23-11 094
1-23-11 216 sunshine
1-23-11 302

This weekend we took a couple hikes, went to the dog park, and took a drive to the mountains which, as it turns out, are closed for winter. Not cool. We had all the cameras and film ready and everything and we got all the way to Pine Valley mountain and the gate was closed. We still had fun though, and drove around to pick out our favorite cabin.

1-23-11 384
1-23-11 403

Hope you all had a good weekend too!
1-23-11 381


Lindy said...

Justine is gorgeous! Love the pictures!

Randi said...

you're such a great photographer!

Katie said...

Really good pics Ms. Gina! She's a cutie.