Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Weekend

This weekend has been so lovely. We got to just be lazy and happy together. We started out on Friday with a really good show at a local gallery/venue. Cody almost convinced me to just sit at home and be the anti-social hermits that we are. But I am so glad we went. We saw old friends and listened to such great music. I forget how much I like small, intimate shows where you don't have to fight people just to stay standing. You can just relax and get lost in the bands little world of music. I don't know how those musicians go up there and do that. Singing the words they wrote for all to hear. Sitting on a stage in a dark room where everyone can just stare at you and scrutinize your looks and talent, or just ignore you and talk over your music. It has got to take serious courage.
After the show we went bowling. We got home at midnight-ish which is pretty much unheard of as Cody's usual bedtime is 8:30. (He gets up at 1am to go to work every day and doesn't get home til 6:30 at night.) So I was lucky to get this much out of him.
Yesterday we slept in til noon and pretty much didn't leave the couch all day. We just watched movies and Dexter season 5. (thanks Elisa!)
Today was so nice. I can't believe it's so warm in the middle of January. We took Lulu on a walk, came home and there were a thousand birds outside our house making so much noise. It makes me get spring fever, but of coarse that is silly since our springs last a week and then it's on to feeling like you're on fire. Anyway, I wanted to listen to the birds so we got out the hammock and a blanket and listened to them til dark. It was a good day.

1-14-11 044

1-14-11 035

1-14-11 039small

By the way. Vast amounts of geese have been flying over this area for a week or so. From early morning to evening. They are flying west-ish in the middle of January. I don't remember them doing this last year. Does anyone know if this is normal? Is it part of this M-Night-Shyamalan-style, birds-and-fish-dying-for-unknown-reasons phenomenon?
Yep. Tiny bits of snow are still on the ground from the STG snow storm, and geese are flying strangely. The end is near!

I had Cody take some pictures of my new hair and it turned into this silly photo shoot. Oh yeah, and Cody cut all his hair off and shaved his beard so here are pictures of him!

1-14-11 003

1-14-11 004

1-14-11 019

1-14-11 028small

1-14-11 009

1-14-11 032small


Elisa said...

I'm very into Cody's short hair and your pink hair. Well done, Blacks! It makes you both look younger. As if you need that. Glad you had a fun weekend, sorry you missed out on episode 3 and 4.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE the red tips :) So fun!