Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Last weekend we really wanted to go camping. None of the camping sites around here are open yet though, and would be way too cold anyway. Down here in St Geezy it is already in the mid 80's. So we decided to camp in our backyard. We built a fire pit in place of a tree that was removed, and set up camp!

Roasting a couple of weenies.


Here are a couple more weenies!

Then it got dark. I have been really wanting to try out some long exposure night photography. This was my first attempt. Even though they did not turn out to be the greatest photo's EVER, I am still so excited about them.

Now the cool thing about this type of photography is all of the things that the camera captures that you cannot see. So when I was setting up these photos, I couldn't see most of what you see in the photographs. Looking though the view finder I could see pretty much just the fire, and Cody's legs, and the top arch of the tent. When the photo was done processing, so much more appeared, you can now see the trees, the tent, everything.

This one of us is my favorite. The light in the background made the trees glow BRIGHT green, And the sky is awesome.

Then it was time to try star trails. It turned out really grainy and there is a lot of noise and atmospheric light in the photo, and I wanted the stars to turn out brighter, but it was good enough for my first attempt. This is about a 17 minute exposure.

When it gets warmer I will be spending a lot of time up at my parents house in the middle of the night attempting to capture star trails as you can see billions of stars up there in nowhere-ville. And whenever we go camping, Cody will be sleeping and I will be outside taking pictures. (Pretty much a summary of our lives, haha)

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Elisa said...

I like these. The glowing green one is pretty cool. I wish I could get Kev to camp anywhere, even if it was the backyard. I guess I'll have to clean up the dog poop first.