Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our yard is a menace. So we had a ton of dead branches cut off of our trees (we have over 50 trees in our yard. I tried to count them once and I lost track) and some trees and stumps removed. And so, we were left with lots and lots of wood! Sadly, for Cody, they only cut the trees into very short pieces, so he can't make furniture out of them or anything, but we do have a TON of firewood now. And our yard now smells like fresh wood. It is heavenly. Sort of like Christmas mixed with camping. Cody has been fulfilling his destiny to become a lumberjack and chopping the wood just for fun.

I wasn't actually doing any real lumberjacking. Just wearing this cool hat and looking like a tough wood cutting person. Also, from this I got a lot of sap on the seat of my pants. Cody is doing his "Hey, I'm a lumberjack" face.


Elisa said...

Cody looks like a giant holding that little hatchet. It's kind of a cool effect, though, because he looks like he is 10 feet tall holding an axe. So coo.

Randi Gardner said...

oh my hahaha i love this post! (That close up is fantastic too!)