Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Messing with the Macro


This weekend a lot of our roses bloomed. We have the greatest roses in our yard. I noticed that we have a lot of aphids though, so we bought a container of lady bugs to take care of the problem. I didn't want to buy poison because A.) It kills the bad bugs and the good bugs and B.) It was a lot more expensive. Also, ladybugs are simply cuter. The container supposedly had 1500 bugs in it.
We followed the instructions, releasing them after dark and after watering the area. They all just kind of... fell to the ground. This was back on Friday. Those dang bugs are still sitting on the ground, crawling around in the dirt and leaves. It's like the were born in their little container and are just used to crawling around under their little wood shavings. We even spent a lot of time putting some of them onto the leaves and rose buds, and they would either just sit their like they were stuck, or they would crawl around and fall off. Stupid bugs.

Last week I noticed a very big ugly spider on our back porch. He wasn't hurting anything, but then I took this picture and tried to research what he was. The closest thing I could find was a Hobo Spider, and those are really poisonous, so we decided to kill him. I always feel really bad when we have to kill stuff (see mole and scorpion), even if they are pests. We sprayed him and I felt so bad for making him suffer! He was dang ugly and had HUGE black fangs, but he can still feel pain. Haha, anyway, here he is.

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Elisa said...

Ugh. So gross. I think you made the right decision to murder him, though. I mean, he wouldn't have thought twice about killing your or your cat, or even poor Lulu.

BTW, super cool pics. Loving the water drops. I hope the ladybugs become a little more active. I also like the new background to yer blog. I am not loving the new font, but I will get used to it. Great job.