Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aah! Zombies!

The Hill Family also decided that it would really just be best to do some non-traditional photos as well. And then... this happened:

Just taking some nice photos on a regular day...

Just Taking Some Pictures

Yep, just a normal, average day... wait...

A normal day

Oh no! What's that?!

Wait, whats that?!

Look out behind you!

Huh? Zombies!!

Quick! Grab that shovel that just happens to be nearby!

Good thing there's a shovel nearby...

Run away! Run away!

Run away! Run away!

These zombies are looking for braaaaains!

Zombie girl!

Zombie Man!

Zombie Boy!

Run into that house!


Aah! They are coming through the windows!

They're coming through the window!

Hurry and hide!

Hiding from zombies

Found by zombies!

They found you!

Aah! zombies!

Run to the car!

Made it to the car

Getting away

Getting further...



That was a close one!

That was a close one!


Oh no!

Zombie Family Photo

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