Friday, May 18, 2012

Phase 2

As part of my "more Gina-like hair plan", I have now entered phase 2 of this process:

More pink, and more intense color.


I actually like the lighter pink color more, but it ended up fading too quickly, so I started out with more intense color this time by leaving it in longer and not mixing it with conditioner. This round it doesn't seem to be fading at all though. (I have been using Splat hair dye in Pink Fetish). It works really well and produces very hot pink results.

I recently got my new 50mm lens (AND I LOVE IT).

Cody helped me test it out. This is what happens when I tell Cody to open his eyes more:


This is what happens when a man loves his chihuahua:

(awwwwwww!) You can't see it but Lulu is wagging her tail in excitement at this moment.

This is what happens when Cody is being unsupervised and gets a hold of the camera:

Thanks babe!