Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My 24th Birfday

On the weekend of my birthday, we did not go camping. Camp sites usually don't open until memorial day weekend, the weekend after my birthday. But we still had fun. Cody gave me a cute kitten, Little Big Planet 2, Bambi on Blu ray, and the Mary Blair illustrated Peter Pan book. The morning of my birthday I walked out of my room and a b-day banner was hanging above my head. On the living room table was a big fancy b-day hat, noise makers, and a beautiful card from Cody. That night we went up to Kanarraville to see the eclipse.

Cody brought our BBQ and we had hot dogs along the busy country road. We sat on the roof of the truck and watched the eclipse, which was so cool! There were so many people there. It was fun to see all these people with their funny glasses and welding helmets and fancy telescope camera things. When the full "ring of fire" effect happened, everyone cheered.



As it turned out, you could see the eclipse just fine from St. George, but I am glad we went up. The light was amazing once the sun was down a bit. On the slow drive back to the freeway, I couldn't stop taking photos. The moon was still covering the sun a bit, and across the valley on the other side of the freeway was this misty-ness that the sun was shining through. It was soo pretty.






It was such a cool experience. The full eclipse was awesome and all, but my most favorite part of the day was driving through the little farm town and taking pictures of this gorgeous light.

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Elisa said...

So fun! Did you wear the birthday hat all day? These pictures turned out always!