Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am having a good day.

Today is good. I finally found the camera I have been searching for that isn't going to devistate my bank account. I have been waiting for over a year to get it and I bought it today. Not only that, but I am starting my HCG diet today, which means I get to binge on my favorite foods for 3 days (hello, Blue Bunny ice cream, how do you do?) I spent my lunch eating a lunchable in my car and reading the 2nd book my new favorite book series "The Hunger Games." And this morning I peeked out my curtain to see thick fog. I have been waiting for an opportunity to take pictures of fog, so I grabbed my camera and on my way to work I pulled over and took one. So yeah, it is a good day in gina-land.

Side note: I am quite obsessed with terrariums and garden gnomes lately. I found these adorable necklaces on etsy that happen to feed into those exact obsessions.

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Randi said...

how cute! i want those necklaces.. by the way good luck with the HGC. My mom did it for a bit and instantly lost a lot! but she quit.. so stick too it! you can do it! Plus.. its not really THAT bad from what i saw.. it just takes getting used to. Not that you need to lose weght you big dork.. I suck Im just getting fatter being pregnant and eating all the time ha ha love you gina!