Thursday, February 4, 2010

We are Moved!

For weeks and weeks we have been cleaning, painting, packing, cleaning, and now we are finally done. (sort of) We still have so much to do and it's hard to not be overwhelmed. But it's good to be moved in and living in our new big nice place. The animals are loving the space and the big back yard and now we have a new kitty. She was my grandmothers and now we get to take care of her. She is a big fluffy Persian sweet heart. Shes actually pretty little, she's bony inside all those pounds of fur. She is very spacey and enjoys staring at random spots on the wall. There is also a big white owl who lives in our yard. It's exciting to sneak a peak of him while he flies from tree to tree. I'm kind of afraid he might eat Lulu though.

We are about ready for a break now! I look like a cat lady with all these pictures. Haha.

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