Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This week both of my grandparents passed away. Not at the same time, but within 9 days of each other. I miss them so much. It's been a hard, emotional week. But I am happy that they got to go together and are now free of the pain and misery they have been enduring for the last several years. A few days before my grandma went, I went to visit her. She gave me her ring, a ring she had never taken off since I've known her. This meant so much to me. I feel like I have a piece of her with me now.

I am happy for them and I love them. I wrote this journal page about them where I attempted (key word) to draw my grandmothers hand holding mine during our last conversation.


Katie said...

I'm so sorry Gina! That is not easy, but you are right they are happy and free of pain. I love the story of the ring, it will be something to treasure forever!

Kris said...

I like your ring story and drawing. Keep it forever.

Elisa said...

This is really sweet. I'm glad you were able to make so many memories with your grandparents before they passed. Let us know if you need anything!