Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bump Day Stats - 24 Weeks and Nesting Instincts

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: About 12 inches long, the size of a ear of corn, a footlong sub, or a cantaloupe depending on the source.

Gender: Wittle Baby Boy! Aw!

Maternity Clothes: I wore my new shirt from DiscoBelly yesterday and got lots of compliments. I love it!

Stretch Marks: Still clear of these.

Sleep: Same as always. I think I will try some "sleepy time" tea as that is supposed to help.

Cravings: Pastries! This baby likes sugar.

What I miss: Mexican food.

Looking forward to: My yard sale this weekend. I seriously need to get rid of some stuff. My house is in chaos and getting things cleared out will be such a relief. After having to downsize I am really realizing how much "stuff" I buy to just fill spaces. Things that I think I will like forever. Turns out I don't even like them after a couple of years. I am trying to resolve myself to only purchasing pieces that I absolutely LOVE instead of just buying because a space in my house is empty.

Symptoms: Nesting instincts are beginning. I really had no idea what an intense, insane feeling this was! Crazy!

Worst Moment this Week: The weekend was filled with a lot of "me" time as it was Cody's week to work all night and sleep all day. I know that this "me" time is going to be missed in the future. But holy cow, was I bored OUT OF MY MIND. And then... the nesting thing kicked in, full force. The need to organize every little thing was driving me crazy. I started going through the office stuff. That was a mistake. Cody is pretty much the most disorganized person ever when it comes to papers. If you give him an important piece of paper, he WILL lose it. This is bad when it comes to tax forms (and on our wedding day, it was his temple recommend he lost). It's ok, it's just his thing and it is something I have to learn to work around. I can't just hand him things and expect them to get filed away safely. So anyway, this translates into a MESS of an office. So I decided I was going to organize the photo CD's we have. I bought a little CD holder case and started the search. This didn't work out because I can't find any of them! Our wedding photos are no where to be found in that abyss of a desk. As I was searching, what is this passport doing in this random drawer? Why is this birth certificate laying over here?! Why is there a mountain of tax forms just LYING AROUND!? HASN'T HE LEARNED?!

Plus we are moving soon, so the urge to go out and buy every little piece of organizational equipment I could get my hands on has to wait. And this drove me insane.

And then I decided to paint my nails to get my mind off of things. (after I woke Cody up to tell him I thought I was literally going insane, and where the heck are the social security cards?! and he told me to go away). In my messy bathroom. And there was hair EVERYWHERE. Where is all this hair coming from? Aren't you supposed to retain more hair when your pregnant? Why am I shedding more? Seriously people, it was like I suddenly had OCD and I wanted to burn down the house and begin again, fresh and clean. Kind of like how I feel when I watch Hoarders.

Nesting is weird. And when you can't really do much about it, it stinks. Did anyone else get this intense of an instinct? I mean, I thought I had it before. You know, I had the urge to clean and organize. I thought I got it. But man, then it really kicked in and I felt my eye twitching at the thought of my makeup drawer in disarray.

Best Moment this Week: Laying in my hammock with my new pregnancy magazine and my doggy in 63 degree weather. Today it is snowing, though.

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