Monday, February 25, 2013

My Wedding Ring (aka my fat fingers)

 My pregnancy updater told me to check my rings a couple of weeks ago, because you don't want one to get stuck on your finger and have to go to the hospital to get it removed. I checked my wedding ring and it was indeed getting tight. (It's like Babycenter is psychic! Like it has a 5th sense or something!) I had heard about a necklace on my favorite blog, The Pregnant Chicken quite a while ago. It is a necklace that securely holds your ring and displays it in a very pretty way. I shopped around and this one was really the only one I would trust to hold a diamond ring and not break off my neck or something.

And hey, guess what, Valentines day just so happened to be the very next week! What luck! I pretty much have never got a "fancy" piece of jewelry aside from my beautiful ring from Cody, so I decided to drop the hint to see if he was interested in getting such a gift.

Valentines came and lucky me, my wonderful husband presented me with the very necklace I wanted. Now I can still have my ring close to me and feel like I am not just leaving the symbol of my married-ness in my jewelry box for months.

Sorry, but my hubby is the best ever. :)

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