Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bumpdate - 25 Weeks and a weird pregnancy dream

How far along: 25 Weeks

Size of baby: Rutabaga (what is a rutabaga?)

Gender: Frogs, snails, puppy dog tails.

Maternity Clothes: These are basically the only items I can wear now! Scary! I am gaining weight like crazy but I feel like I am eating fairly healthy (a salad for lunch every day). But also, I am eating a lot of sugar. This baby is making me a total sweet tooth. Hopefully after the pregnancy I will go back to not caring much for sugary stuff.

Stretch Marks: Not yet. I did recently learn that my mom got them on her belly when she was pregnant which takes away the little hope I had to not get them as they are genetic. But hey, 25 years later and hers are faded and invisible.

Sleep: A little better, actually. I don't have as much back pain anymore which really helps with getting comfortable, and I only get up once a night for a bathroom trip. (But daytime bathroom trips are increasing to a crazy amount).

Cravings: JELLY FILLED DOUGHNUTS!!! Pre-pregnancy I considered doughnuts a waste of calories and was not a fan. Yesterday I ate two.

What I miss: My waistline.

Looking forward to: Going to California to see my sister and her family. We leave next Friday! We will be going to Sequoia National Park, shopping for a stroller, making the crib bumper, and just hanging out for a whole week! So excited!

Symptoms: Heartburn is just a way of life for me. I take Zantac every 12 hours and this really helps a lot.

Worst Moment this week: Nothing terrible this week.

Best moment this week: Finally being DONE with the yard sale that I have been wanting to be over with for a while now. Sitting on the couch, counting our money from all that hard work! Relief!

Pregnancy Dream o' the week: Ok this one is weird. But not totally unheard of. I can be honest with you guys, right? Besides, this blog is really for my own benefit, so I want to record as much as I can (to an extent). So again, as a warning, this dream is weird.

I go into early labor and have my baby. She (ALWAYS a she and not a he in my dreams) is fine and healthy. Flash forward to me sitting in my hospital bed. Baby (who looks to be about 4 months already) is propped up on some pillows, just chilling next to me. I realize that I should hold her. I try some skin to skin contact and then realize that I haven't fed her. I pull out a boob and she tries it out, but I can't tell if anything is coming out. She seems to be okay with it, though.

Flash forward again and it is my first day home with the baby and Cody is at work and I am all alone with the newborn and a messy house. The baby is now my cat, Assassin, and I ask Assassin if she wants some "num-nums" (I must have heard this phrase for booby milk somewhere) The cat does indeed, and I .... breastfeed my cat, who is also my baby. Yeah. I know, it's gross. Don't judge me.

 But the cat doesn't seem to want to eat for long. I worry that she's not getting enough nutrition and will starve. Then I realize that there is cat poop EVERYWHERE and I start trying to pick it up and throw it away. (It didn't even occur to me that it wasn't normal and that the cat wasn't going in the litter box) I eventually have to go get the entire garbage can and start shoveling it out of the living room. 

I hear Cody in the garage making sounds like he is crushing cans (which we don't do) for about 10 minutes. I wonder if he expects me to clean the house and make dinner my first day with the baby/cat. I start trying to tidy up, he comes into the house and I wake up.

So after waking up I realize that  I have heard this dream before. I googled "breastfeeding cat dream" and it is totally something pregnant women dream about, for whatever reason. This one sounds just like mine (minus all the poo) and this pregnancy blogger also had the breastfeeding cat dream when she was in her second trimester. I am not the only one!

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