Friday, February 1, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

I have this thing known as pregnancy brain. I'm sure you've heard of it and many of you know it to be real. Pregnancy brain started early on for me.

It keeps things interesting.

It began with forgetfulness. Normally I am great at not missing appointments. In December I missed two in one month. Totally slipped my mind. My nail girl was not happy with me. 

Things get put in the fridge that should go in the pantry and vice versa.

I can't ever remember words anymore. And I wasn't good at this to begin with. I swear I have a great vocabulary, I just don't always have access to it. Now it is impossible to have a conversation without asking "What's the word I'm thinking of? It possibly starts with a p..."

Last night I went to take my vitamins. Instead of picking up the vitamin bottle to dump a pill out into my hand, I grabbed my water bottle and dumped water out into my hand.


And now for something even awesomer:

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Katie said...

Awesome does not even begin to describe it. :)