Friday, March 8, 2013

27 Weeks, yo.

I am to the last week of my second trimester. It feels like it has taken so long to get here and at the same time, things are going too fast! It seems like so long ago and also not very long ago that I was waking up every morning, choking down my cold oatmeal in the dark fall morning, trying not to be sick and throw up. And now I am at the end of the best trimester, kind of sad since I hear so many bad things about the 3rd trimester, but so crazy that I am here!

Today we are leaving for California to visit my sister and her cute family. Hopefully it will be the break that we both need. I need some serious fun time with my husband! Time that we can be lazy and not think about the pressures of life, because life is stressful right now. Amazing, but stressful.

So farewell, I will be back in a week, refreshed and ready to take on the home stretch of pregnancy!

27 Weeks 1 A
27 Weeks 6 A
27 Weeks 8 A

Maternity dress and shrug from Target.

Thanks, Katie, for taking these photos of me every week and making me laugh! 



Katie said...

Um you're very welcome! You make me feel like an amazing photographer even though it's with your phone, and my finger gets in the shot sometimes. LOL :)

Katie said...

And you look great!