Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bump Day Bumpdate - Week 28

Hello and happy first day of Spring! It is already getting pretty hot down here and though I am excited about Spring and picnics and watermelon and all that, I am not looking forward to summer temperatures with this extra weight. It makes the swelling worse.

But hey, I am going to eat some watermelon. So it is ok.
I guess I am craving watermelon now.
Because I just saw a picture of it.  

How far along: 28 weeks.

Size of baby: 16 inches long and 2.5 pounds. About the size of a chihuahua.

Gender: Oh baby, you are my little gentleman.

Maternity clothes: Today I am sporting some maternity leggings and a comfy dress. Soon it's going to be all about what is most comfortable with the least amount of layers to keep cool. I just ordered some maternity capris from Old Navy and I am very excited to get these.

Stretch Marks: Yes. I got them. On Saturday night I dreamed that I got terrible stretch marks. On Sunday morning I woke up and remembered the awful, silly dream and decided to check out my belly. And there they were. They aren't bad yet, just the beginnings of the little monsters. But still kind of devestating.

Sleep: HA! No. Insomnia is the new sleep.

Cravings: Watermelon, apparently.

What I miss: The ability to bend and put on pants without a struggle.

 This is actually me bending slightly kind of a lot to even see this much of my feet.

Looking forward to: My baby shower.

Symptoms: Insomnia. The tiredness is back during the day. Stretch marks have made their appearance. SWELLING has begun and I can't stand for too long without having balloons for feet (which looks insane and scary). Yes, the third trimester is welcoming me with open arms and many new and exciting gifts. BUT. I do have a new side effect that I love. The childhood freckles that disappeared many many years ago have made their return. I missed them! I want them to stay forever. I don't know if this is the "mask of pregnancy" or what, but I like it.Thanks, random hormone-induced pigmentation change!

Worst Moment this week: Going back to the real world after a nice, long vacation and having to say goodbye to my nieces and nephew. Also, not being able to take naps because I have a job. That is the worst.

Best Moment this week: Ummm, so much awesomeness has happened in the last week. It is hard to pick a favorite. Seriously, all of it was good. Seeing my family, seeing Cody play with the kids and knowing that he is going to be an amazing dad, going to Sequoia, going on a baby-moon up the coast of Cali, getting a stroller that we love as well as lots of other good hand-me-downs. Eating Quiznos (one of my cravings). Everything!

 The tiny, adorable shoes my sister Aimee made for the baby. So cute!

Our view in the morning during the baby-moon.

Sequoia National Park was cold and foggy and gorgeous.

Sequoia 2

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