Friday, March 29, 2013

This weeks bumpdate - 30 Weeks!

A lot has been going on in my neck of the woods. I can't believe March is coming to an end already. Isn't time going by fast lately? My baby shower is next week (yahoo!) and I am pretty excited for this. Also, we are supposed to get our house by April 1st. That means all of the plans I have been making to get that house move-in ready are about to happen! Crazy! A lot of clean-up, de-smokifying (smoker house, ew), painting, replacing and so much more is about to go down. And then the packing and moving. Ah!

So this week I am 30 weeks along, which means I only have about 10 weeks left. This makes me feel both excited and also really freaking scared and nervous. The time to push out a human and then figure out how to take care of it is drawing near. What have I got myself into?

But also, this baby is getting big and I really don't know how much more growth my ribs can take. I feel the need to constantly stretch out or grow taller to make a little more room for Sawyer and all of my insides which all seem to be forced up into my right lung. Not to mention, I really can't wait to meet this little one. It makes me so happy to get to have the opportunity to raise something that came from the love of my life, my dear husband Cody. I hope that he turns out to be a little Cody because hey, I think Cody is a pretty swell guy, and having a mini one around to take care of would be A-OK with me!

Anyways, here are my weekly stats!

How far along: 30 weeks.

Size of baby: 3 pounds. Around 16 inches long. (I suspect bigger!)

Gender: Boy, still a boy as far as I know. (Wouldn't that be weird if it came out a girl!)

Maternity Clothes: Stupid Old Navy sizes are so inconsistent! I had to send back one of the capris I bought because they were too small. But I have that same size in their maternity jeans, and they are super roomy. Duh.

Stretch Marks: Getting darker and multiplying! I have been using "Bio-Oil" in hopes that this would help and make them fade, so we will see if it does any good. I have heard good things about the stuff. It can supposedly make scars and stretch marks fade considerably if used correctly for 3 months.
The directions say that I should have started using it at the beginning of the second trimester to prevent them (dang it!) but hopefully it will help even though I am late.

Sleep: Sleep is a joke. A cruel, cruel joke. If I'm not tossing and turning, I am getting up to pee, or dreaming freaky dreams about hemorrhaging and murderers, or waking up from the sound of myself snoring, thinking that the sound came from somewhere else. Seriously, I woke up the other night thinking I heard something in the house. After waking up from it again, I realized it was just me snoring. (Ha!)

Cravings: Pretty much just sugar and fruit. I am back to the old cravings from the 1st trimester where I just wanted juicy, watery fruits. Every night I have strawberry's or grapes or peaches for dessert. Omg, so good!

What I miss: I remember that one time, when I would stand up, and I didn't feel the sudden sensation of my bladder wanting to burst. And I didn't have immense pressure on my pelvis. Those were good times.

Looking forward to: My baby shower!!!

Symptoms: Same old stuff. Except this week I haven't noticed the swelling in my feet, which is pretty neat! Definitely more bathroom breaks at all hours of the day and night. Everything is up in my ribs, but also somehow resting on my bladder. Pressure. Dun-dun-dun-duhduh-dun-dun. Unda Presha!

Worst Moment this Week: Learning that my sister can't attend because of a freak allergic reaction issue. It made me pretty sad that she isn't coming, but luckily everything is ok and we have learned the importance of benadryl.

Best Moment: I can't think of anything that really stands out (this week Cody has been working and things have been quiet). But last night I tried something with the baby. First I played him one of Cody's favorite songs (I Love the Night by Blue Oyster Cult) with my headphones against my belly. No reaction that I could feel. So as an experiment, I played him the music to the hymn "Praise to the Man" and I got a couple strong kicks. I played him one of my favorite hymns "Nearer, My God, to Thee" and didn't get a reaction. Then I played him the song from the children's songbook "A Child's Prayer" and WOAH did he do some strong kicks! It made me a little teary-eyed. I then went back to some non-church songs. I played him some of my favorites, as well as some classic piano and classical symphony. Nothing happened for about 4 songs. I went back to A Child's Prayer and suddenly he was kicking like crazy again! It was very cool to see him react to it so strongly. I am not sure what it means (maybe he absolutely HATES that song :) ) But I would like to think, in my own little, probably unrealistic world, that he recognizes that little primary tune and it made him happy.

Or at least that he simply enjoyed it.

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