Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bump Day Bumpdate - Week 26

How far along: 26 Weeks, now officially 6 months along.

Size of baby: 14 inches, size of a cucumber, apparently. Almost 2 pounds.

Gender: Little dude.

Maternity Clothes: Lots of maxi dresses and maternity jeans/shirts going on around here!

Stretch Marks: None so far. But I really need to get back into the habit of moisturizing every night, I have gotten lazy about it. Also I thought I would mention my skin. In the first trimester I was breaking out from pretty much day one. And the dry skin was CRAZY! It looked like I was sunburnt on my face sometimes and was starting to peel. But now my skin has settled down and as long as I wash my face every night (I use Clinique Foaming Cleanser) and moisturize with Cetaphil, my skin looks pretty great.

Sleep: Back into the uncomfortable zone. My hips are sore when I wake up and I toss and turn a lot. Last night I made 3 bathroom trips, which is a lot for me. And also, insomnia! Woohoo!

Cravings: Mexican food!

Food Aversions: This week was really weird. I haven't had these kinds of problems for weeks and weeks. At lunch on Friday, I was in the middle of eating a Jimmy Johns sandwich when all of a sudden I could not swallow. I was gagging on it out of nowhere! Then that night I really wanted to go to our favorite Japanese buffet. It sounded great. We walked in the door and I had to walk right back out because of the smell. It was very strange. It's like my body is possessed by someone else. Someone very unpredictable.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

Looking forward to: Going on vacay to Cali on Friday! Woooo!

Symptoms: Heartburn, random and sudden food aversions, back pain, nesting like a crazy woman.

Worst moment this week: Just stressing out about the move and being overly emotional because of dumb things my husband says. The thing is that while it is happening, while I am on the verge of tears, I am AWARE that it is over something ridiculous. I know it, but I can't stop it!

Best moment of this week: Lots of great moments this week. Got my hair and toes did, had a totally fun photo-shoot with Cody, who made me feel very pretty. We maybe sold our car, I used a bonus I got at work in a very irresponsible but awesome way, I felt the baby kick a ton this week and watched my stomach jump around. Cody laid his head down on my belly and Sawyer kicked him in the cheek several times. And I cleaned the heck out of my kitchen, like, tooth brush level cleaning, and also cleaned and detailed my washing machine using this tutorial. My kitchen and washing machine look am-ah-zing. I love that feeling after hours of work when you can see a beautiful difference. It feels good.

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