Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Weekend Project - Dresser Makeovers

Last weekend Cody and I finished a project that we have been working on. We had some old dressers in the guest room that needed a little love. They were in the house before we moved in and I kept them so that we would have some furniture in the guest room, and they weren't too bad looking. I liked them before, but now I love them!

Of course I remembered to take the before photos after we took the drawers out (duh!). But I do have an old photo of the larger dresser.

 Large dresser before:

Large Dresser After:

Small Dresser before:

Small dresser after:


I think they turned out pretty dang fabulous. Now they will go in our new guest room at the new house (if they fit) and will give the room character. I think I will paint one of the walls a dark brown and put these against it to really make them pop.

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