Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bumpday Bumpdate - 36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks along. I haven't had any contractions (that I know of) and the doctor says I am about a centimeter dialated.

I have been trying my best to pack boxes little by little, and I am excited/nervous to live in a different house. I will probably think it's haunted for a year or so, just cause that is how I roll. Meanwhile, things are getting moved into the nursery. We got the crib, finally, which we will set up next week, and I have done a little drawer organizing in the beautiful dresser Cody made for Sawyer.

 I bought a bunch of storage tupperwares and put them in some of the drawers. They hold diaper changing supplies and bath supplies and tiny shoes and socks and burp cloths and all that stuff that I am dreadfully excited about.

How far along: 36 Weeks

Size of baby: 19 inches long, about 6 1/2 pounds. Honeydew Melon.

Gender: Still boy

Maternity Clothes: 3 words - I HATE PANTS.

Stretch Marks: Yes. New ones appearing on my legs, hooray!

Sleep: I take lots of naps because I am always tired. My body still loves to wake up at about 4 am for no reason.

Cravings: You know how some pregnant women want to eat rocks or chalk or dirt? I don't have that problem, but I do crave smells. Like, clean smells. Sometimes I walk into my laundry area and just smell the box of bounce sheets, several times a day. Or at the store, even if I don't need anything, I will walk down the laundry and cleaning product isle and just inhale the lovely smells. Spic n Span is another favorite scent. And it's not like I am huffing the stuff, btw. But it makes having to clean a little nicer when I can enjoy the smell.

Looking forward to: We are moving this weekend and my birthday is Monday, so I am looking forward to being DONE with moving and having a hopefully relaxing bday. And cake.

What I miss: The cooler weather! 98 degree weather is bad enough without being a big fat preggo.

Symptoms: Heart burn/acid reflux is getting worse and it wakes me up at night. Leg pain. Foot pain. Everything is protesting because of all the weight.

Worst moment this week: Emotional breakdowns. Two of them. The combination of hormones and the stress of moving sure is fantastic!

Best moment this week: Two great moments this week - The awesome people at my work threw a little party for me to say bye and congrats. We had catered Cafe Rio and it was really nice to have one last little party with these people. I will miss them!

And on Saturday night I went to Cody's work (the hospital) to have lunch with him. He has his "lunch break" at 12:30 am. I figured that I probably won't have another opportunity to have lunch with him at his work, so I dragged myself out of the house at midnight and got some Taco Bell for us. I got to see where he works and what he does. It was fun to do something different, at a weird time of night when I am usually not out, and see my sweetheart in a different environment. And also, the hospital had a nice, clean smell. :) And a robot! (The robot helps with the drug distribution (or something) and was actually kind of scary because it moved so fast and was loud. That thing could really do some damage if it went crazy.)

So that is pretty much it for now. A few weeks ago my baby updater told me that the baby can start to form memories now, and that I should sing songs to him now so he can remember them and be comforted by them outside the womb. So every night I try to sing a few songs to him. Hopefully he is paying attention! :)

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