Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laundry Room Clothes Pin Wreath

This week is moving week (hopefully). One thing that I am excited about is my little laundry space in the new house. I have never had an actual room for a washer and dryer, only the kind that fit in a closet. I've seen so many ideas online for making the laundry room a cute and functional space, and I am very anxious to take a crack at it.

Much of my house will have an orange and light blue color scheme to it, including the laundry room. The walls are light blue, and this weekend I made a "laundry wreath" to hang in there. I got the idea here.

It turned out great and was easy and fun to make.

I also made one for my dear friend Carie. She is getting married and I wanted to put together a fun gift basket for her bridal gift. I'm pretty sure she likes teal and brown, so I did the basket with those colors in mind.

Along with the wreath, the basket included brown bath towels, teal hand towels, bounce sheets, (my favorite!) a tide pen, shout (my favorite!) and some teal hangers. I was pretty proud of how cute it turned out. Hopefully Carie can use it!

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