Monday, May 13, 2013

Time Slow DOWN!!!

Hi there! I am 36 weeks along as of Friday and I can't believe it! Even though I have been "with child" for a good 8 months now, it is still not really real to me. Every once in a while I get hit with the realization that it is real, and I have less than 4 weeks to the due date, and what the heck am I going to do with a BABY?! And I am SO UNPREPARED! and AHHHHHHHHHHH!

I know I have been feeling him move in there (and lately it has been getting pretty uncomfortable in that department) for many, many weeks, but for some reason, part of my brain sees those movements as just my little tummy friend who says hello throughout the day, and not a HUMAN BABY that has to COME OUT soon.

I know this is what I wanted for a long long long time, but now its here and I am scared. What the heck have we done? Haha.

And at the same time I can't wait to have a little bitty baby boy to take care of and finally start the job that I have been waiting to do since forever. And I have made progress I think. Normally I am not really that interested in other peoples babies and little kids, unless there is an exceptionally cute one around. But now? When I see them I kinda want to squish them, like I notice normal women wanting to do. So that is a step forward! Right?! My good friend Randi's new baby is a good example. I went to visit her new kiddo, got to hold him and see all of his tiny little features and it made me so excited! That doesn't happen with me and babies! So I must be becoming a mom, I guess. Or at least getting closer. :)

Meanwhile, in my belly, Sawyer's movements have evolved. He has gotten pretty big, and his movements are less like jabs and more like long stretches now. Like he is trying to get out through my skin. And when he gets me in the ribs, man that feels... not great. Like uncomfortable, not nice, tickling from my insides. Sometimes I will just watch him push out his knee/elbow/whatever the heck that is SO FAR. It looks and feels insane. I still like it though, even though it is not fun sometimes.

Yesterday was mother's day. I was interested to see if Cody was going to acknowledge that at all for me, since I am sort of almost a mom, but also not. He did surprise me with some of my favorite juice from his work with a sweet note telling me Happy Mother's Day. It was very nice and appreciated!

Here is what my belly usually looks like in the evening. Surrounded by fur babies!

I hear that some people think that their pets can tell that they are pregnant, or that change is coming. I don't think my cats have any clue. Regan walks right on top of poor Sawyer ALL THE TIME. Dang cat.

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Katie said...

Yeah it freaks me out that you are at 36 weeks, but I'm so excited for you too.